Dry Sprinklers

Dry sprinkler systems are implemented when pipes run the risk of freezing; in places such as underground garages, loading docks, certain cold storage, and areas affected by cold temperatures. The system piping is filled with air and pressure is maintained by an air compressor. When a head is activated the system the air is released and the valve trips filling the system with water to suppress the fire.

Pre-Action Systems

Pre-Action systems are essentially a dry pipe sprinkler system designed in conjunction with a fire alarm system for a specific application. In order for the system to activate, both a detection device and a sprinkler head must activate for the sprinkler system to engage. Once a detection device is activated the system fills with water and once a head activates that particular head will suppress fire. Unlike a Deluge system, only the heads that activate are engaged, all other heads would remain intact.

Dry Standpipe Systems

Dry Standpipe systems are piped throughout buildings to be accessed and used by a fire hose. Pipe runs throughout the buildings and valves are provided where fire departments can hook up their hoses and fight fires. Dry Standpipe systems are used where piping is exposed to cold temperatures and pressured air is stored in the pipes at all times. The air pressure is maintained with an air compressor until water is required. Pressure for water is provided by various means including fire truck pumper connections and standpipe pumps.

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